I am not the pope.

I’m not a famous Catholic author like G.K. Chesterton or a well-known Catholic apologist like Scott Hahn or Karl Keating or Patrick Madrid. I’m not anyone famous, I don’t have a genius IQ and I’m not even as holy as I could or should be. I’m just some ordinary guy who decided to write down his story.

And the thing is, this isn’t even my conversion story. Well, I guess it kind of is. My wife Heidi is the one who converted to Catholicism, but at the same time, she helped convert me from a lukewarm, ignorant Catholic to someone who now treasures his Faith.

So why did I write it? What do I pray you’ll get out of it?


The whole process of my wife’s conversion from a non-denominational Christian to a pope-loving Roman Catholic was excruciating for both of us. I felt so helpless at times, so abandoned, and I know that countless other people are now going through or will go through what we did. I want you to know: There is hope. God helps ordinary people like you and me every day. Even those of us who aren’t as holy as the pope, who aren’t as clever as G.K. Chesterton, who aren’t as knowledgeable as a world-class apologist.

It is my prayer that telling this story will encourage you to keep trusting, keep persevering, keep praying, keep hoping. As hard as it is to believe sometimes, God hears your prayers, and wants you to be happy.

It’s been some 15 years since that blessed day my wife became Catholic, and though some of the details have grown hazy, this is the way I remember it.



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