About Blind Monk Books

Why the name Blind Monk Books

Victory of the Battle Maiden is self-published. That means at some point in the process of filling out all the official forms that are required to publish a book, I was faced with a blank line that said “Publisher.”

So I thought of names like Victory Press (yawn), Full Court Press (too irrelevant) and about 50 other names. None of them excited me. Then I started daydreaming about the history of publishing, and thinking about Gutenberg (Johannes, not Steve) and his use of movable type around 1440. Then I thought how instrumental Gutenberg’s printing press had been in disseminating the Bible so that people could own their own personal copies, instead of having to visit a Catholic Church to read the one that was chained there (much like pens are chained at the bank).

Then I thought of the manner in which the Bible had been produced up until that point in time, and found myself imagining all those countless, anonymous monks who had spent their lives copying the Bible for the first 1400 or so years of the Church’s existence. As I imagined them hunched over draftsman’s tables late at night, carefully dipping quill in ink, squinting at dim pages lit by a single flickering candle, I was filled with an immense sense of gratitude. And I thought of Blind Monk Books.

I don’t know if any monks literally went blind, and some may have, but for me, that’s beside the point. The point is that they spent their lives copying and spreading the written Word of God, purely out of love for God and their fellow man. So to show my appreciation and to honor them: Blind Monk Books.

To all those thousands of holy monks, whose names are lost to the centuries but not to God, on behalf of all of us who share your love for holy written works, and most especially the Bible:
Thank you.



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