Victory of the Battle Maiden

Thanks for taking the time to type in what’s maybe the longest website name in the world. Everyone has a story about their walk with God. This is ours. We hope you get immense pleasure and amusement out of this traumatic, gut-wrenching experience that threatened to rip us apart. Enjoy! Mostly, though, it is our prayer that no matter what your faith and no matter where you are on your journey, this book will bring you just that much closer to God.

About Blind Monk Books

Victory of the Battle Maiden is self-published. That means at some point in the process of filling out all the official forms that are required to publish a book, I was faced with a blank line that said “Publisher.”

So I thought of names like Victory Press (yawn), Full Court Press (too irrelevant) and about 50 other names. None of them excited me. More

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It's always a tough decision every month. Congratulations to Doug! Good luck in the Employee of the Year competition.

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